My Work


Aderonke's offerings and undertakings include social impact and development services: design thinking, training & facilitation, capacity building for social impact/development. Some of her services include:

Millennium Development Goals Advocacy

Development Knowledge facilitation and trainings for non-profits & social impact contributors in Nigeria

Human Rights coordinator leading advocacy for inclusion of women in governance and promotion of women’s Rights through enlightenment, public awareness campaigns and litigation.

Criminal Justice reform advocacy champion, Nigeria

Strengthening youth-led Movements across Africa & Global South, including co-designing 'The Youth Action Lab', a one year co-creation lab for grassroots youth activists based in the global south which works to support their movements to become more resilient and sustainable in their pursuit of a more equitable world.

Legislative advocacy birthing 'Community Service Law', Administration of criminal justice Law, anti-kidnapping Law, Violence against Women prohibition Law


At St. Theresa's IDP camp in Yola, Northeast Nigeria, It gave me mixed feelings of pain and pleasure to reunite with these wonderful people, some of whom I had formed a bond with in 2014, when I first visited Adamawa, in the heat of insurgency.

I happily joined in preparing leaves to make Maringa soup for lunch. Even though my plucking skill was sloppy in comparison to that of these skilled women, I totally enjoined my participation. We shared laughter, we shared emotions, we shared communication and language was no barrier!

True courage expresses itself in the face of life's greatest challenges. Therefore, I call these people courageous because of their unbelievable optimism, large heart and joys in spite of the hardships & sufferings which has made them homeless and rendered them displaced in their own land.

In spite of hope, they hope! Yet, they need us, in order to make their hope a substance. Though courageous, they need our hearts & shoulders; we need to lend them.


When I was called upon to anchor the Nigeria Social Media Summit (NSMS) 2019, I knew instantly that it was not about to be just another random event, but a time to engage, learn, teach and be taught on a subject matter that is both apt and timely. So, I said yes with zero hesitation.

True to expectation, the 2-day summit and workshop delivered on purpose: steering the course of social media engagements towards a productive digital adventure.

It gave me much pleasure to steer the course of the program, facilitating the process and meaningful interactions of stakeholders: policy makers, government institutions, Members of Civil Society, Mediapreneurs, Youth and students, as well as representatives of the Academic community towards productive outcomes.

Beyond dissecting the veracity of the controversial subject matters of “hate speech”, legislative approach, and the current debates surrounding same, it was also important to revisit the gains and pains of Social media, and chart a beneficial course in the utilization of revolutionary tools as dwellers and resource holders in the digital era.